3d CAD

software virtual three-dimensional design snug BustCAD. It helps to create the desired shape of underwear or corset and get it unfolded automatically. 
BustCAD is a program of three-dimensional design of tight fitting products. It helps to create the desired shape of underwear, corset, sports top, compression underwear and get it automatically scan.  1ststage – Selection from the database or creating a virtual dummy. To create an individual dummy it will take 5-10 minutes, 2 photos and 3 measurements.  2ndstage is the creation of a three-dimensional design of the product. Directly on the mannequin draw the boundary and all constructive lines, set the texture of each part. We use the finished 3d object to coordinate the model with the client. 
3rdstage – getting the scan. Within 30 seconds we get a flat scan of the product, which can be printed or exported to 2d CAD. 
The program has built more than 260 virtual mannequins, developed more than 700 products, sewn on the resulting patterns of more than 600 products. No one was hurt, everyone was satisfied! 
Article in the magazine: “Garment industry”
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