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July 2018

At the end of July, the generations accelerator session on the basis of the startup center in Mannheim (Germany) was completed. Meetings with other startups

June 2018

Check out our new option – through textures that seamlessly transition from part to part. Added support to print the patterns with a texture. Now

May 2018

Took part in the Moscow fashion industry forum 2018. Presented software and custom mannequins. Our stand aroused great interest among the participants and guests of the

April 2018

Participated in the first working meeting of the consortium of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information “New production technologies”.

March 2018

2 weeks’ accelerator track of Creative GenerationS. Thank you for the development ideas, new partners! Not everyone gets an internship in Europe, and we will have

February 2018

A month of ideas. Production models, product models, models of relationships… Seminar in the framework of the business program 3 Regional championship WSR competence “Fashion’s

December 2017

Technical audits and upgrades. New sewing production and operating. Timing and calculations, analysis and recommendations…

November 2017

We told about our software products at the Textile salon in Ivanovo! Photo: Vladimir Korablev Trained! BootCamp from Faberlic JSC “RBC” done. And soon are

October 2017

Funders were trained in Accelerator Fashion&Technology Accelerator, Milan. We are aware of the latest technological innovations of fashion firsthand!

August 2017

Dummy Vasilisa and not only at the exhibition “Invertkan”. The mannequin is made by a virtual model obtained using the program BustCAD photos of a